Thursday, August 21, 2014

Forss about # insufficient: “Do not close the door now” – Aftonbladet

They told us – and feel zero shame.

Now, Cecilia Forss and Paul Jerndal that we continue to talk.

– We have opened a door, close it, says Cecilia Forss.

Reader Reactions during Nöjesbladet Article Series # insufficient room has entered.

The actor Cecilia Forss , 29, and director Paul Jerndal , 35, who kicked off all overwhelmed by the response.

Now they thank you for talking about mental illness and asks you to continue the conversation.

– It has been crazy, I was not expecting this response, and feel happy that we did this. I really hope this continues, says Cecilia Forss.

were moved

She’s with Paul Jerndal receiving emails, messages on social media and thanks from people on the street who have taken part of the duo’s stories of panic disorder and burnout.

– A guy came up to us and said that he has got the power to take hold of their own mood. We were concerned how any time, says Paul Jerndal.

This week shows Nöjesbladet his short story “Indigo” with Cecilia Forss in the lead role, on the web. The film is based on personal experience. They tell their story for others to share theirs.

– It should be just as normal to talk about mental illness like talking about that has damaged a knee. Now we have opened a door and want it to be wide open, close it, says Cecilia Forss.

Feel zero shame

She feels relieved and happy to have told of her anguish.

– I have been talking about it for more years with loved ones, but there have been a hint of fear of what people will think. Now I feel zero shame for the first time. Helping others can also be helping yourself, says Cecilia Forss.

Paul Jerndal is also relieved.

– I’m happy. If the decision to talk about it can help people, it’s worth it every day of the week, he said.

Now, they leave the baton.

– People have said that it’s nice to see public people go out and tell me, if we dare to dare. I hope it continues, and that everyone feels a responsibility to try to help each other, listen, let people in and not feel any guilt or shame, says Cecilia Forss.


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