Thursday, August 14, 2014

‘I feel more comfortable with my life now’ – Aftonbladet

Now, says Anders Bagge about his unknown disability.

– I made an inquiry I was wondering what the hell is wrong with me, why am I so stressed by it all, he says.

A year ago he was told that he has ADHD.

On Monday begins the season of “Idol” , with Anders Bagge Laila Bagge-Wahlgren and Alexander Bard back in the jury box.

Anders Bagge has previously told how he battled stage fright and panic attacks, but this year he says that the recordings so far been the most enjoyable ever.

– Because I do better with my life. I feel calmer and have driven up lot of things. Since 2012, my life has been a hell of a pain privately, I have had people around me who have not been good. But now I have driven on the whole life, got into good people and it has meant that I have found back to my music and started writing again, he says.

“Stressed for everything”

One of the main reasons why Anders is feeling better again came a year ago.

– I did a study that I needed to do, I wondered what the hell is wrong with me, why am I so stressed everywhere? Then they came to the conclusion that I have ADHD.

Focus on the music

Since Anders Bagge was diagnosed, he looks different in itself.

– It has really made me understand why I react in a certain way, why I do certain things. So I have been able to begin to live in a completely different way now.

With the diagnosis in the back ruled Bagge about his existence.

– I understood what I had to restructure my life. It had started a lot of companies and I do not run like that. Now I’ve gone back to that, I should just concentrate on the music. I will not be with the company that does not have to do with music because I can not do that. Music is the only thing I can.

Have you felt bad about this?

– I’ve been feeling really bad. But I have done a lot of things, it’s what you do, go there.


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