Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer in P1 9.8: Felix Kjellberg – Gothenburg Post

Felix Kjellberg is with his Internet alias Pewdiepie greatest on Youtube. For the uninitiated, it may seem totally irrelevant.

In fact itself, it means that 29 million people see his movies. As a final of the Eurovision Song Contest, Let’s Dance and Sing-along at Skansen together, he explains. The world famous Youtube star takes namely good time to describe how a social network for video clips can turn the TV medium’s impact by a long way in the young generation. He also talks about how the road went from dejected Chalmers student, via a job in a hot dog stand, to be able to support themselves and live well on their so-called gamer videos.

There is a playful summer program where we follow with Felix Kjellberg into his studio and where he throws a sound clip with itself for us to listen to be able to hear him clown and joke in their films. Constantly with a warm tone and with the fans in mind. Although the internet hate has struck even him, he decided to choose to respond with love instead of despising back. However, Felix Kjellberg also been subject to relevant criticism. So as he reproduces the laddish macho jargon already reigns in the game world, which he chooses not to take up in their Summer in P1.

However heard that he has spent hundreds of hours behind the microphone. He is relaxed, yet clearly educational, warm and entertaining.

The program is also available in an English version for download.

Music : Mainly newer music The Naked and The Famous, Dreamend and Bright Eyes. And of course internet game classic Harmony with Erasure.

Conclusion : Thanks for that I got the chance to tell the story. Now have a nice summer. See you online. Brofist! (An internal expression between him and his viewers.)

Summer Sunday’s jockey : TV pioneer and former SVT boss Annie Wegelius.


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