Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The legendary Hollywood star Lauren Bacall, 89, is dead. – Aftonbladet

The legendary Hollywood star Lauren Bacall, 89, is dead.

The actress – who both played against and was married to Humphrey Bogart – had a massive stroke on Tuesday.

Noir Queen Lauren Bacall died at his home on Tuesday after suffering a massive stroke, writes TMZ. Lauren Bacall was one of the stars in what is usually known for Hollywood’s golden era. She appeared in films like “To Have and Have Not,” “Key Largo” and “Murder on the Orient Express”. In the first film she played the Humphrey Bogart and the two became a couple during the filming. They married in 1945 and were a couple until Bogart died twelve years later.

Take part in Family Guy

2009, she was awarded an honorary Oscar for his work on the movie screen. Her last acting effort came in an episode of the television series Family Guy, which aired in March this year. There, she played a female friend of the main character Peter Griffin’s mother.

Lauren Bacall was 89 years old.


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