Friday, August 15, 2014

Pasta, tanning and middle-aged musings on life – Folkbladet

Before the first movie about the two beautiful guys Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, I thought grimly on whether it really felt absolutely necessary to see another movie about two troubled middle-aged men at state parks.

But “The About “(2010), where the two play fictional versions of themselves, were actually amazingly funny in all its frailty and offered that year’s most festive scene – when the two comedians trying to outdo each other in imitating Michael Caine.

The movie, which was a shortened version of an acclaimed BBC series, was a success and now repeated time according to the concept of a sequel, also directed by Michael Winterbottom.

There’s been a few years, Steve and Rob are still driving their friendship forward through the low-key rivalry and distanced bickering. Their internal balance of power has shifted somewhat and it is clear that those comic routines, which they can do in their sleep, also has aged a bit.

Again, the Observer newspaper, apparently completely exempt from austerity measures, which sends out the mildly dysfunctional duo to review gourmet restaurants. This time in Italy, which means lots of steaming fresh pasta and more or less improvised chitchat about life.

The same question as before the first film present themselves so clearly. I feel this is really absolutely necessary? No, any more than you really need fast carbs. And that’s probably all involved aware of.

Steve and Rob even heats up with a meta apology on “The Godfather 2″.

On the other hand, the carbohydrates as good and as This is offered at about the same appetizing dish again need nobody enjoyed finally be disappointed. Are you hungry for more masculine in crisis and stunning art of cooking, but in an updated mega cozy surroundings with Byron quotes and scent of sunshine and basil there is no reason to hesitate. And just like last becomes Michael Caine imitation are the major highlight.


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