Saturday, August 23, 2014

“Birgitta Stenberg was a dream” – Swedish radio

The night of the day went writer and author Birgitta Stenber away. Lisa Belfrage made the documentary “All wild” with Birgitta Stenberg about her life and remember a woman who was “good at being the center of life.”

Lisa Belfrage traveled around the world with Birgitta Stenberg when they made the documentary “All Wild”

– Birgitta Stenberg was one of the kindest and most open-minded people I have ever met. We traveled around the earth when we did dokumnetärfilmen “All wild” where she meets her old lovers and mistresses in different locations. Travelling in this way can produce even worst sides, but she was a dream to travel with and to make films with, says Lisa Belfrage.

One of Lisa Belfrages memories of the then 80-year-old Birgitta Stenberg takes place outside of a gay club in Rome.

– At first we thought “we must plan rests around filming so that she can rest dinner,” but after a while we noticed that she was the one who could most. We stood outside a gay bar in a back street in Rome and on 25-year Italian interpreter was tired and wanted to go home but she just said “we are entering.” Once we arrived, it took like five seconds before she was sitting and talking to someone who wanted to ease his heart.

Birgitta Stenberg was 82 years old.


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