Friday, August 15, 2014

Coach plays in a different league – Swedish Radio

And maybe you also have, in any case, this scene where the family riding on a ski holiday to the Alps sits on top of the cabin and sees an avalanche pull up at a safe distance. Or? It’s getting closer and closer, panic and while mom Ebba throw themselves over their children to save them plunging father Thomas over his I-phone saves it and run screaming from it.

How do the children then face a father who left the family when danger threatened, how do the mother who was left alone to protect children and how feel Thomas when his reptilian brain said “save yourself!” yes, and possibly “your phone”.

Around this family trauma spinner Östlund since his film web. And he does more frequent and more effective than ever before.

Alphotellet he uses maximum aesthetically, the graphic effect of the different floors seen from the atrium, the stylish sterile environment that signals both maximum comfort and alienation. Ski machines lonely journey in a dull evening light.

Mom Ebba and father Thomas is certainly a sort of cardboard figures, Thomas the hardworking man who finally got to be with the kids and not just with their computer, empathic mother Ebba that yes, most are there to respond to Thomas betrayal.

But the simple figures also do drama clearer. I wonder what’s going on without the need to want to dig into their past. Norwegian Lisa Loven Kongsli plays mother Ebba sovereign, the scene where she was at a dinner with new ski friends tell of Thomas escape from the avalanche and discovers that Thomas himself denies it happened, it is acting at the highest level.

Tourism is Implemented a more dramatic film than Östlunds before, gone are the documentary features from Involuntary and Play, and paradoxically increased thereby authenticity. Decrepit and deeply human falls Thomas apart, nice and still played by Johannes Bah Kuhnke. And on the way there have Ostlund had time to write in both comic and painful scenes.

cleaners are given a well heavy symbolic role, yes “we and them I” understand but had rather been without. And the end – excuse me. I do not believe in one of the last scenerna.Här needed nothing “final” and it just feels … wrong.

But still – that you – Tourism plays in a league where it was long since I so to some Swedish films.


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