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“Locomotive” secret role “Bingolottos” backdrops – Expressen

They have been the host of Bingolotto

Leif “Loket” Olsson

(1991-1999 , 2004)

Lasse Kronér


Gunde Svan


Rickard Olsson


Lotta Engberg


Jan Bylund


Marie Serneholt


Ingvar Oldsberg

(2014 -)

Who is your favorite of “Bingolottos” eight presenters through the years?

In the evening it’s time for the revival of Bingolotto. Nye presenter Ingvar Oldsberg will then have the eyes of themselves – from former TV host and friend Leif ‘Loket’ Olsson.

– The locomotive will get put its rating. Is it bad I put on the phone, saying Oldsberg.

– I’ll record it for Ingvar’s sake, saying “loco.”

New game, a more analog studio and longer upload time. The news in this year Bingolotto are many and Ingvar Oldsberg is full of enthusiasm for the challenge – to raise the ratings.

– It will not be so much technology, it becomes more analog as it was before. Some new games. We have half an hour longer transmission time and there will be no advertising. I will try to create the mood and have the element of surprise, Ingvar Oldsberg earlier this week told GT.

“hangs up”

He says he does not feel any pressure – but he has eyes on her. Not least from the former TV host Leif ‘Loket’ Olsson. Oldsberg says that the shipment will be evaluated afterwards.

– The locomotive shall control, but he’s on the job in Karlstad right during transmission. I’ll call him in any program going forward so that he may put his or her grade. But the grade badly so I put on the phone, laughing Ingvar Oldsberg.

Leif Olsson confirms that he will evaluate the program after broadcast. He’ll even record it.

– Since I am not at home so I have to record it and watch it afterwards. I do it for Ingvar’s sake, and I will tell him what I think. He will also call in any program, says locomotive.

It was originally the one who suggested his friend Ingvar as hostess. Prior to the premiere, he fits in to shelf him.

– I hope it goes well for him. It was I who suggested him from the beginning, he is well suited to all applications. He is accessible, popular and talented.

Pepper the other

The Hours before shipping spends Ingvar Oldsberg by pepping its employees. According to him, it is important that everyone is relaxed and happy when the transmission kicks off.

– I sleep long in the morning, watching television and touch me there in the afternoon to accommodate artists. It is important that we all pull together. We need to take seriously and show respect, sing a little in the corridor so that people get a good mood.

New Specials

Above all, Ingvar Oldsberg forward to a special game tomorrow : his very own Ingo Bingo.

– There is a separate game called Ingo Bingo. An employee in the newsroom told me that her peers during childhood called me Ingo Bingo. It’s a nickname I like.


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