Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Silvana Imam Colors at The Docks, Wednesday – Gothenburg Post

Hip Hop

Silvana Imam Colors at The Docks, Wednesday

Audience: A bunch of hundred.

Best: Imam Cobain.

Worst: Sometimes it’s hard to hear the lyrics.

Silvana Imam is like born ready.

To see a superstar born is one of the coolest you can be part of. To get follow an artist from the first steps right up to the top and further and eventually explode with self-confidence, you live for that music simpleton.

Now it is in itself so just confidence never been any shortage of Silvana Imam. I saw her guest in my great regret in a radio studio in Stockholm in winter, and even then she took over the total. Full attendance as were the walls to curve the feeling of getting to be there.

Silvana Imam is born and ready, it’s just that she recently got to show it to all major venues. Now later tonight on Colors at The Docks, which heater to Ghostface Killah.

And again curl walls. The hairs on my arms stands at attention, and the wines of the ears of the ancient power that Silvana Imam, her songs, her lyrics, her army of slogans and fists in the air.

She is everywhere at the same time, pointing and staring fixedly at the audience in the front and close to the mill from the text line 17000 at our festival, now wants Nassar see me crucified and it beats this one is just as much punk and David Gray as 2014, and hip hop. Equal parts rock hard, swerving and hittigt. This year’s breakthrough when we summarize? Probably.


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