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Jan-Olov Andersson of Robin Williams: “He was a pioneering” – Aftonbladet

Robin Williams is dead.

He made several strong and poignant serious roles. Was Oscar winner for “Good Will Hunting.”

But mostly he will of course be remembered for his comedic genius.

It is usually supposed sometimes say that behind the clown masks a far more serious and perhaps melancholy person.

So it felt like Robin Williams was, a little.

Lots of times he visited the talk shows on the TV screen. In David Letterman and Jay Leno . Sometimes they tried a little deeper conversation topics. But Robin Williams, he was only joking. He had what the United States calls a “motormouth”. A munläder seldom seen. His associations were groundbreaking. At times difficult to keep up with. But he always landed in something very beautiful and crazy fun.

Never laughed so much

I interviewed him once in the late 1990s. The film he did PR for was called “Patch Adams.” A rather sentimental and silly story. Perhaps Williams felt it too, because the interview was more like a 25 minute long does not stand up performance, but sit-performance, in which he joked incessantly. Self-deprecating about his hairy arms and other shortcomings. And just because I was Swedish, he sometimes with imitation Max von Sydow and Stellan Skarsgard , who he had worked with. The latter just in “Good Will Hunting,” for which Williams won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, as psychologist to the main character, played by Matt Damon .

do not think I’ve laughed so much during an interview.

I think I never had so hard to write a sensible article, for it is difficult to reproduce in his joke writing. And, as usual, he said, not really so much about herself.

Approximately one hundred roles

Many were probably a bit surprised by his more serious roles. How good he was at crafting sympathetic, fairly ordinary people that you liked. He was Oscar-nominated for both “The Fisher King” and “Dead Poets Society.”

A second nomination he received for a role that was more tailored to comedian Robin Williams, where he played the fast-talking radio host of “Good Morning, Vietnam. ” Much of the dialogue was improvised in the film, the director Barry Levinson just let the camera roll.

In total it was about a hundred film and television roles.

The breakthrough came with the TV series “Mork and Mindy” (1978-1982).

Perhaps funniest ever

He showed his more serious side in 1982 when he played the title role in the film version of John Irving’s cult novel “The World According to Garp.”

Other career highlights, besides the aforementioned, was “A Russian in New York,” “Cadillac Man,” “Awakenings” and ” One Hour Photo. “

The comic highlights are not as many. Maybe because Hollywood had difficulty finding scripts that could incorporate as well as Robin Williams comedic bushy units. As his last television series “The Crazy Ones”, currently being shown on TV3. It flopped.

One of the more successful films are “The Bird Cage – borrowed plumes”. Another “Mrs. Doubtfire “, which had planned a sequel that now never happen.

But, if the comedy does not always became so successful, teaches many remember his awesomeness guest in various talk shows.

Maybe the funniest ever.


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