Monday, August 18, 2014

Difficult to control the lusts of Paradise Hotel – Gothenburg Post

Meet the members of the Paradise hotel. On Monday begins a according to TV3 “hotter, funnier, crazier, and more dramatic” season than the last one – which of course was both crazy and dramatic.

Ten young people meet in the beautiful surroundings of Mexico’s Pacific coast, sipping on caipirinhas at sunset and deep conversations about life and art.

There we have not set-up for TV3′s “Paradise Hotel”. The location and the booze is there. But since it is exclusively about hormones, and sex party in a kind of messy, never-ending cocktail.

I thought before: “Damn, I will not lie.” But it’s damn hard. There is alcohol and lust, and one can not fucking control any of it. So they turned out so, says Kristian Tälje Sheet, which is one of the season’s participants.

Eager courtship

The 24-year-old vendor from Umeå distinguished directly in the season’s first episode, shown on TV3 on August 18. This is because he – like the other male participant – takes a fancy for beauty Saga Scott from the cliff. And he is determined to get what he wants.

I was very forward, I wanted very love. I am a “sucker for love,” he explains with a laugh.

Påstridigheten was well received at the object of his diligent courtship.

I like guys that are ahead, self-motivated and take what they want. So it worked well for me, says 25-year-old Scott Saga.

She is friends with one of last season’s stars, Paulina “Paow” Danielsson, and was handpicked for the reality show. Saga Scott promises an eventful season with “some sex”. While she says that “no one should miss” program, she admits that she had reason to think about what will actually appear on TV:

It is clear that it is a bit half stressed out sometimes and think,” What will people think? “, but in the end it has just been such a damn fun thing and it’s worth it.

Forgets cameras

Ulrika Forsberg, personal assistant from Ostersund, got something of a shock when she first met the other female participants in the autumn round of the soap.

The only thing they talked about was filled lips and nails, which they did. I had kind horse shit under the fingernails. I’m a little different, says 23-year-old, who describes himself as “spontaneous and crazy”: I like to embarrass me, she says, adding that she was pleasantly surprised that she got so many new friends through the program.

The fact that these friendships were established under constant video surveillance and now gets 54 together clipped reality show section was nothing she reflected upon.

You forget the cameras directly, you do not think about them. Especially not when the alcohol has taken place. I do not think you think very much at all in there, she says.


Saga Scott, 25, bartender and receptionist from the cliff.

Alexander Wigren, 22, retail consultant from Nordingrå.

Natalie Andersson, 19, student from Linköping.

Kristian Tälje sheets, 24 year, vendors from Umeå.

Ulrika Forsberg, 23, a personal assistant from Östersund.

Joakim Köhler, 25, a project manager from Stockholm.

Ylva Fogel, 19, a telemarketer from Helsingborg.

Joel Hellstrom, 24, self-employed from Stockholm.

Jasmine Gustafsson, 20, job seekers from Stockholm.

David Lövgren, 24, a web editor from Amal.


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