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From Humphrey Bogart – the Swedish Trollhättan – Aftonbladet

Lauren Bacall was a part of film history. Former day Hollywood.

She broke through 70 years ago. The enigmatic young girl with Humphrey Bogart ragged hero.

So began a career that took her all the way to the 2000s Trollhättan.

2002 Lauren Bacall in Sweden to record Lars von Trier “Dogville” with Nicole Kidman and Stellan Skarsgård. All the actors met us in the press in late January of that year. Lauren Bacall made an impression as soon as she came into the room.

A person who has been through a lot in the film world. Yet the experience in Sweden something new.

– I’ve never worked like this before, said Lauren Bacall then. It’s liberating to not know if the camera is on you or anyone else.

In “Dogville” is the city and the houses streaks on the floor. The cast filmed in the studio and all lived together at Ronnums mansion.

– It creates a more intimate atmosphere. I get to eat with Lauren Bacall every night, said Nicole Kidman.

Kidman estimated to spend time with a legendary colleague.

When I was a teenager devoured film in the 1960s was Lauren Bacall already some of the classics. She made several movies with Humphrey Bogart after breakthrough in “To Have and Have Not”. ” Hard-boiled stories that “Blackmail”, “Dark Passage” and “Storm Warning Issued”.

They were married in 1945 and had two children together. She was 19 when they met, he was 45 She was born Betty Joan Perske in New York, but changed as many other stars of the era its name. First Betty Bacall , after the mother’s name, and then gave the director Howard Hawks her first name Lauren.

Lauren Bacall starred with Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable in the comedy “How to Marry a Millionaire” in 1953 Other successes were jazz film “Young Man with trumpet” against Kirk Douglas “Sorry, we are some married “to Gregory Peck in 1957.

Humphrey Bogart died in 1957 Lauren Bacall had a relationship with Frank Sinatra , and was in the 1960′s married with actor Jason Robards.

She made fewer films but several acclaimed theater roles. When she was in “Murder on the Orient Express”, with among others, Ingrid Bergman , it was a comeback on the big screen. And it was in 1974, 40 years ago.

In 2000, she received Stockholm Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She chose five movies that were shown, among other things, “To Have and Have Not.” I met her at a well attended press conference.

Lauren Bacall was cool and lashes in the reply and responded with heavy authority. She praised Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg and acclaimed stage.

– Theatre gave me a boost in their career. I had to get a job in the film, but I have spent 20 years at the stage and proved that I serious about my work as an actor.

She was asked if she was tired of alltrid few questions about Humphrey Bogart.

– Bored? It gets me sometimes. But never about Bogey.


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