Thursday, August 21, 2014

Street artist Dan Park gets prison sentence – Expressen

Dan Park was sentenced today to six months in prison for incitement racial hatred and slander.

It is the fourth time since 2012 that he is convicted of the same thing.

gallerist Henry Rönnquist who exhibited Park’s paintings were also convicted him of hate speech

Dan Park was arrested July 5 after police same day struck at the exhibition at Gallery Rönnquist & amp; Rönnquist. The police intervened and seized nine boards.

– Dan Park has not had the intent, said defense lawyer Theodore Lofgren Bodin.

Even Henry Rönnquist denies crimes. Dan Park has previously been convicted of hate speech in the case of three of the paintings that were exhibited and been held accountable for these four trials. The court believes that he therefore should have realized that he risked prosecution and punishment when the paintings were exhibited at the gallery on July 5 this year.

Malmo District Court strikes today in its judgment that eight of nine paintings seized expressing contempt for, as it says in the judgment, “black” and Roma.

Although the gallery owner has denied the crime but convicted of incitement to racial hatred because he was responsible for the exhibition.

Dan Park also convicted for libel by including Erland Kaldaras, his mother Monica Kaldaras and Yusupha Sallah present in collages that were exhibited at the gallery on July 5.

– It is not I that is present in the pictures. You become personally offended but also angry and sad, said Erland Kalderas in connection with the trial.

Dan Park also convicted for defamation of Momodou Jallow, chairman of Afro-Swedes’ Forum for Justice who also testified.

– I would imagine an enslaved African. Dan Park dehumanized me, said Momodou Jallow when he was questioned by prosecutor Linda Rasmussen.

The preliminary investigation shows that the paintings would be sold for 4500 Euros each.

Dan Park has been in custody in July and will remain in custody. He must also pay damages of a total of 60 000.


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