Monday, August 18, 2014

Laila on audition anger in the premiere: “Over the limit” – Aftonbladet

The jury told Philip that he is not fit to “Idol.”

Then they were called racists.

– He walked across the border, says Laila Bagge Wahlgren on audition anger.

In Monday evening’s premiere episode of TV4′s “Idol” introduced heat it directly.

Landskrona guy Philip , 18, was one of thousands of hopefuls who applied.

In the program he chose to sing Celine Dion “My heart will go on”.

The jurors were not impressed. Philip mocked by Alexander Bard .

– This is wonderful! You know what I thought? I thought you would be a peacock, but you’re not. You are more like a one-legged magpie, he said.

attacked the jury

Philip got angry after the jury’s criticism and accused them of being racists.

It took Laila Bagge Wahlgren to go through the roof.

– Do not play that card out when I get pissed. My dad is the Palestinians so this is no damn racist, ‘she said.

After the jury asked Philip apologized via a recorded greeting, as viewers could see in the program.

“As a knife in the heart “

He repents still his tantrums.

– I change my mind a lot, it was not right to call them racists and I do apologize, he says.

He continues:

– Music is everything to me. Therefore, I was so angry. When they said I sang well, it was like a knife stab in my heart. But it’s their job and I knew they could be tough, he said.

Laila Bagge Wahlgren remember the incident clearly.

– When he came in it was hoped he really could sing for he was a really sweet guy. But unfortunately he could not, and he went over the limit of what is okay. It’s not fun being called a racist when you are not. One must beware of expressing themselves so. I’m glad he apologized, and I accept it, she says.


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