Saturday, August 23, 2014

The author Birgitta Stenberg death – Aftonbladet

The writer and author Birgitta Stenberg has died, writes Expressen.

According to the wife she fell asleep in the home.

“Painless, happy to go Furthermore, “it says on Birgitta Stenberg’s Facebook page.

Birgitta Stenberg had cancer, and in the night she lost her fight against the disease.

Kerstin Bjärkstedt have in a post on Birgitta Stenberg’s Facebook page posted that she fell asleep in his bed in Smedsbolet on Tiveden tonight.

The same post was Birgitta Stenberg’s last words:

“Now this and alles ist gut “

wrote about Kejneaffären

During his life Stenberg wrote a number of novels, short stories and children’s books. She debuted in 1956 with the novel, Michael and poet where she wrote about the so-called Kejneaffären, a turn of events that she returned to the novel Orange Man publicerdes 1983 This book was the basis for the TV series of the same name.

Among children, the audience, she became known as the songwriter behind the little boy Billy that she wrote several books on.

Kerstin Bjärkstedt writes on Facebook page that Birgitta Stenberg was painless and happy to move on.

Birgitta Stenberg was 82 years.


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