Sunday, August 17, 2014

Throwing a feminist firebrand – Aftonbladet

The moderate parliamentarian Gunnar Axen threw earlier this summer out their TV after the poet Athena Farrokhzads sommarprat. The question is whether even transistor radios smoke out the window of Axénska home after cake Hermanson’s Summer in P1.

The cake Hermansson throwing in another feminist firebrand, in combination with songs like Candy Sucks “Kill Your Boyfriend” and it would not surprise if the Review Board may receive a storm of complaints from the “white men” who gets a nasty bout of LGBTQ ladle.

Sheep receive hate and threats

Similarly, it is not impossible that the indictment against Swedish Radio’s “leftward shift” flare up again after sentences like this: “In our home, (…) there has always been a great respect for people falling outside social safety net, abuse, illness, or the bourgeois politics as I see people turn out. ” But as long as people are turning to the Review Board would be well things are still in order. The problem is that there is a risk that some aimed directly at cake Hermansson with his hat – and his threat – even after this program.

An unpleasant feminism

She talks about it in Summer program: how she constantly live with the fear. How she gets the letter sent to them with detailed descriptions of how she should be murdered, raped or humiliated. And how she has decided to never give up, even though she is terrified. But in the fight against gay hate and those who do not see “the connection between women’s lower wages, loss of rape convictions and näthat” required, according cake Hermansson, a feminism that is unpleasant. That it gets really bad stämning.Och bit so you could probably say that her sommarprat was also – bad mood, especially for all Gunnar Axénare out there. As a dirty word in a wedding speech. But a question mark I have yet – thrive really gay hatred in Södermalm? I thought it was the least homophobic place on the planet. We know so little.


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