Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lotta’s emotional storm with Torsten, 85 years – Expressen

Lotta Engberg praised the audience, and especially a man – Torsten Skogh, 85th

It was an emotional meeting for both of them in the season finale.

– It affected me a lot, says Lotta Engberg.

The season finale of “Lotta at Liseberg” brought both dinner show and humor.

But most of all was the eighth section dedicated viewers. Lotta Engberg was visibly moved when she told him about the letter from Torsten Skogh that she got last year. The letter was about how he got through the program zest for life back after his wife passed away. And yesterday he was at the place, and was told Lotta sing for him and the rest of the audience.

– It touched me very much, and I got a very beautiful necklace from him. It’s amazing how music can influence people and make them feel better, says Lotta Engberg.

“saved my life”

– The necklace comes from my wife. The evenings here have saved my life, says an overwhelmed Torsten Skogh.

He says that when his wife died in January 2013, life became boring. But he decided not to sit at home and moping, but get out and meet people. The choice fell on Lotta at Liseberg. Last season he was there six out of eight times.

– I felt I wanted to write to her how much these evenings meant and wanted to give something in return. I live after all thanks to her.

was fooled by Lotta

He had been tricked into Liseberg by Lotta Engberg by their neighbors. He was surprised when he realized that the letter she told me about the scene was his.

– Nothing in my future life will top this, says Torsten Skogh and hugging the flowers he got.

The reason for the surprise was that Lotta Engberg had not seen him this season.

– I missed him. So I managed to get him here. When we met he thanked me very. It was nice because I was afraid that he might be sad, she says.


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