Wednesday, August 20, 2014

should be more equal – Swedish Dagbladet

Anna Takanen begins his new job in March 2015 but is already thinking about her repertoire and gives two representations.

– I will consecrate the small stage for new drama . It’s a pretty big change and there will be both Swedish and foreign. Now, in the fall we’ll do a big order of 20-25 works. I will also assign to me some exciting directors who have a performing arts language I think fits the stage and the audience. And then I think of an “artist-in-residence” situation where you give a pair of filmmakers a longer contract and that seems long in the theater.

How do you see the competition between the City Theatre and Dramatic Theatre

– They complemented each other with quite different repertoires. Dramatic Theatre has protected more about bourgeois heritage and classics while Stadsteatern been more of his time. There are some positive competition but they are very different in their style and art.

In nine years Takanen has been artistic director of the Gothenburg City Theatre, where she has become known for its work on gender equality .

– That I will continue with in Stockholm. I do not think the situation is bad here. But it is to do. I think it is important who the original creators, piece selection and which ones are in the roles.

Anna Taka’s father was a Finnish war children were sent to Sweden. Self became Anna Takanen bullied at school, something she in her summer program in 2006 called for “Finn bastard-hell.”

– I do not think so much of it today but believe it has given me a very strong relationship to be subordinate and powerless. And how do you relate to racism. For it was about bullying because I had a Finnish background. There was an outsider who came involuntarily in childhood. I wanted very much to be with, have friends and play like all children. So I did not get it because I was a foreigner. It has influenced my view of man and will characterize the repertoire because it is also issues in time.

Benny Fredriksson, CEO Culture City Theatre, is visibly excited about his new recruitment. Just glad he was not when Eirik Stubø ended in May after just six months and went to the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

– It is what it is and was obviously something I had not expected.

When I ask if he was not angry, a quick smile and a repeat.

– It was not what I had expected.

Anna Takanen big laughs when I ask if she will stay longer than Eirik Stubø.

– I certainly hope so! I have received a five-year appointment and will stay this time.


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