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Gunhild cut to its positive sommarprat – Express

No storm clouds appeared on Gunhild Carling sky when she goes told me about his life in the Summer in P1.

But shortly after the presentation, the program received strong criticism for being too positive.

– I can not remember any darkness, at least not a darkness that is worth telling about, says Gunhild Carling to the Evening Post.

The energetic multi-instrumentalist’s first sommarprat became quickly a watershed among the critics . In 90 minutes she let the music joy and the “Old Masters” at the center and talked, the less about his personal life.

In the program, she took listeners on a journey from growing up in the music-making family to a giant concert in Central Park and on towards their loved Stockamöllan.

“Three hours long”

But really, the plan was to tell you more about her husband John and family life.

– The program was originally three hours long. We cut away lot about John and his family, about his childhood and student days in Lund. But in the end, I was pleased that the music was emphasized, saying Gunhild Carling .

Critic Reviews published shortly after the program’s last notes had died away. Evening Post’s By Hägred rejoiced Carling enthusiasm and ended the review by typing “ I hope that the music making Scanian never lose momentum.”

were severely criticized

All the cooler were the reviews in other magazines. Göteborgs-Posten reviewer described the program as vacuous and called the musician’s description of the show in Central Park for boasting. In Aftonbladet simultaneously criticized the program for being too positive. “ to hear about the experiences Gunhild Carling done when she made it through difficulties and setbacks in life, had given summer program a much-needed balance” writes reviewer Jonathan Jeppsson.

But Gunhild Carling seems still satisfied with the result.

Is there no darkness in your life?

– I can not remember any darkness, at least not a darkness that is worth tell you about. The music had to be the focus and that is basically the one that has made my life fun, she says.

– Then there is the very many who have contacted us afterwards and thanked for the program, which currently estimated music and it was cozy and nice. So it feels like I hit the right.

Were you ever nervous about making their very own sommarprat

– No, it actually felt never nervously. The hardest part was choosing the music, and once I was done with that, I knew that the program was based on some terribly good songs. Honestly it did not feel that it would make any difference what I said in between.

Utröstningen – a punch in the face

Gunhild Carling says in his sommarprat that she probably never had been sitting on the had not been for her involvement in Let’s Dance. She then describes utröstningen like getting a punch in the face from a stranger. Yet she seems to take adversity with equanimity.

– I’m a bit like a tough soldier and does not complicate things unnecessarily, she says to the Evening Post.

Let’s Dance, Sing on Skansen and Summer in P1. How popular are you going to be really

– Yes, I am now of course with the Fort Boyard too so we’ll see … Nah, but now I’ll just let myself contemplate what I’ve been through this year. The beauty of a wider audience, yet I encounter a greater understanding of who I am and what I do than before. In that way, it feels a little easier.


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