Thursday, August 14, 2014

Idol “Jury pay is higher every season – Aftonbladet

“Idol” Jury keeps wages secret.

But it is higher this year than previously.

– Every year, I’ve afford a new ham sandwich, laughing Laila Bagge.

No jury was persuaded difficult when it came to setting up a new season of the music competition. But both Laila Bagge-Wahlgren and Alexander Bard confirms that the wage negotiations.

– We do of course, says Bard.

Do you have different wages, the three of you?

– I will not answer. Both Anders , Laila and I have thick skin and can negotiate for ourselves.

Who has the highest salary then?

– When I got the “Idol” – the job the first time, I said do not try schabbla with me when I’m super down Anders Bagge in a hotel bar and get out of him how much salary he gets, so give me a penny more than him on a time.

Laila Bagge Wahlgren-laughs when asked if she negotiated wage:

– Every year. Now I can afford a new ham sandwich.

Was it the most luxurious you could come up with?

– A little oyster then. No, it sounds a bit corny to say that it is not about money, but I would never do anything just for the money. Of course I want to get paid for what I do, but if I’m passionate about something and feel that it is fair payment so I sit and not pushing up prices just because. I usually say to give me a penny more than Anders so I’m satisfied.


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