Friday, August 22, 2014

The Knife bid farewell in Gothenburg – Gothenburg Post

sibling duo The Knife bids farewell after 15 years together.

– When we finished our November tour we will put down, it will be our last tour says Karin Dreijer in the magazine Dazed and Confused.

The Knife announced on Thursday that they make their final tour this fall. Now, says Karin Dreijer that the group put down for good.

– We have no obligation to continue, it must always act and has always been about having fun, says Karin Dreijer to Dazed and Confused.

The Knife’s press officer confirmed to the newspaper that the group with the concerts in November say goodbye for good.

Karin Dreijer currently has no plans for what to do in the future, but will take some time in it after the tour is completed. Olof Dreijer will continue to produce and work with artist Howaida Hedfi.

Ola Broquist on Luger, The Knife bookers in recent years, he also believes that the concerts in Stockholm and Gothenburg in the autumn will be the group’s last ever.

– Judging by their statements so it looks like it’s over in November. Is it that I’m sick glad that we do among the very last one of the world’s best and most important band, says he told TT.

The Knife perform in Stockholm on 31 October and in Gothenburg on November 1 . In addition to playing dates in Sweden The Knife also in Berlin 3/11, 5/11 in Manchester, London 6/11 and 8/11 in Reykjavik.


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