Friday, May 1, 2015

Pascalidou: “I am ashamed” – Resume (press release) (registration) (blog)

         Alexandra Pascalidou.

              Alexandra Pascalidou.

              Photo: Johan Lindskog.

Earlier today could Résumé show that Alexandra Pascalidous last column in the Metro is largely a plagiarism. The text had formulations that are similar to the Turkish poet Aziz Nesins poem, which is also used in the song “Be silent” of Asymmetroi Faroi .


This is the second time that Pascalidou caught plagiarizing other people’s texts. Now, she has commented on the subject in a blog post.

“I just heard a song that made me breathless, and then ran down the rows over my shiny paper. I have been writing a journalist as long as I should have searched the song and the poet, put quotation marks and refer to it. I have written thousands of columns and articles in various newspapers and had an eye on citations and sources except once, ten years ago, in the midst of a deadline on the other side of the Atlantic. When I entered is not my source. The then editor Sakari Pitkänen understood and defended me, “she writes.

Alexandra Pascalidou is remorseful, and claims that she wanted to get into an apologetic text in Metro. But she was not allowed – and the mission which she had for 15 years was lost. Earlier in the day she claimed to Resumé she moved on to find time for other tasks.

“I was ashamed then and I feel ashamed now. They do not neglect others’ words. Words are all we journalists and writers own. They are our treasure. And though they say it has been said thousands of times through the millennia, in a lot of different variations, then we must careful to not put us close to our sources of inspiration. ”


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