Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pascalidou accused of plagiarism – Vasterbotten Courier

Ten years ago, it turned out that Alexandra Pascalidou had plagiarized material from a Los Angeles Times chronicled. Now, reports the Résumé it happened again – according to the trade magazine are several formulations in a column she wrote for Metro in March rather parts of a poem by the Turkish poet Aziz Nesin.

Pascalidou writes on her blog that she heard the text of Asymmetroi Farois song “Be silent” and that it made her “breathless, and then ran down the rows over my shiny paper.”

She explains that she was embarrassed when it happened ten years ago and that she is ashamed now – “you do not neglect the words,” she writes.

“I’ve been writing a journalist as long as I should have searched the song and the poet, put quotation marks and refer to them.”

The Chronicle was Pascalidous last in the Metro, and it has been removed from the newspaper’s website.

– We have no cooperation with Alexandra Pascalidou longer. We have taken down the chronicle of failing to reach the journalistic standards we set, says Metro’s responsible editor Christopher Rengfors Expressen.


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