Thursday, August 25, 2016

A new turnabout for Håkan Hellström – Expressen

A complete turnaround for Håkan.

Playfulness and sadness will come together on the new album.

I do not arrive with the “Håkan Hellström has grown up,” for he was a long time ago. However, it is a completely new phase in this cherished artist’s career that we are witnessing.

If everything is crashing and high octane in the 20s, it becomes more well produced and tighter when you are around 30. “You old you free “sounds like a soundtrack to 40s in the most eloquent and melodious way as possible. Hellstrom prisoners cleverly feeling of being in an age when the confidence is there but falters occasionally for nostalgic reasons.

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It is perhaps only now – with the worship he has experienced during his Ullevi gigs – Hellström who dares to go beyond itself. For “Set You Free” does not sound like we are used to hearing Hakan. He has certainly put a huge amount of time in the studio to play their way to this sound. The samples are something completely new and “Hope it will go well for the younger also” will share his audience. There is something refreshing to stand alongside, not sing a note without letting interviews from a documentary by dockers take the lead role to a melody that could otherwise have become a new hit.

The thing that surprises most is Håkan Hellström’s way of working with the voice. Then he hit it, he has routinely been criticized because he “can not sing”. Such people say that want that all music should sound like Malena Ernman sings and is thus irrelevant. But in “Open throughout the night” believed that Hellstrom has aged 25 years and gone on black tobacco and alcohol diet over time. It is tantalizing far away from the “Feel no sorrow for me Göteborg” and because it will be exciting.

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otippat is also taking a Laura Rivers song in “You old (” that’s alright since my soul got a seat up in the kingdom), “which is also set to music the trailer before the album release.

Two songs from the EP : n “1974″ has been included on the album, and that the choice fell on “Your time will come” and “Runaway” is not so unexpected if one takes a look at how much they have been played on Spotify.

we enter this new Hellstrom era, it is a political awareness and a great sense of confidence to go the whole hog with.

this is just the start of a spirited development curve.

Best tracks: “in the cracks will light up,” “No worries, Tjabo!” and “You are free.”


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