Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hannah says Akuffo away – gently but hard – Expressen

No, the brilliant scientist from Ghana, who has lived in Sweden for 30 years, thinks not spare us.

At the end she says from, in its mild and hard way, for those who do not see her, just watching.

for decades, I have read about the famous doctor Sven Britton that he has a wife from Africa.

It was wonderful to finally know who she is. Hannah Akuffo told of his journey beyond the corn fields in his homeland, first to England, then to Sweden.

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Something appendage to her husband, she absolutely not. He barely mentioned. Instead she told well about how childhood inquisitiveness led her to research careers.

We learned more than we might have wished for sand fly, which can cause the disease leishmaniasis, which gives chronic wounds and has a deadly form when spreads to all organs of the body.

I like that she showed her geeky interest in his research, even in this context. We were told a lot about the situation in what she called “humanity’s backyard” where she and others are trying to eradicate the disease.

It was horrible to hear that it is easier for this brilliant person to work abroad and that she “thank God “making it much. Because in Sweden, she is not into its own, she said.

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Professor of Parasitology at the Karolinska Institute are asked by a fellow slob when she is on the way home one night, “how much I take.”

the Lord of Technology in the right country, she called it, but also told fancy about the way she sang hymns in Olof Lagercrantz ear, and was a careful Volkswagen to Mr Hans Rosling roaring Ferrari.

she is still called “immigrants”, but said that after 30 years she wandered clearly and come home to a portion of their origin. Mom’s grandmother was half Danish.


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