Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Gunfire the car in Malmo – Aftonbladet

A parked picture of Södervärnsgatan in Malmö has been hit by shots.

The police do not yet know what it is about the kind of ammunition.

according to Aftonbladet, the car that was shot at a Porsche and a woman should have been in it.

Just before half past four alerted police of several people who heard what they perceived as gunfire.

– the patrol came to the scene found that a car had gunshot wounds, said Jimmy Modin.

the car – which, according to Aftonbladet sources is a Porsche – was parked. Police field officer Thomas Paulsson says to Sydsvenskan that the car driver himself drove off after the shooting:

– They seem like someone has been waiting for the car.

According to Aftonbladet sat a woman in the car.

the police have cordoned off the area and have several patrols in place. No suspect has been arrested and no damaged has not contacted the police.


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