Thursday, August 25, 2016

How good is Hakan’s new album – song by song – Göteborgs-Posten

Fun GP the critic Johan Lindqvist put lights on all the songs on Hakan Hellstrom’s new album.

# 10 Dream – THREE LIGHTS
A fun intro that does its job of setting the mood for a little disc in the same way as Hakan work with intro songs at concerts, or after the model that a lot of hip-hop records begin. The sound of someone turning between radio stations, so that it sounded before autosökningens time, and so we hear Hakan’s mother Christina in her song San Francisco before a preacher messes about beatets importance to people. Let’s go!

In the cracks will light up – FOUR LIGHTHOUSES
Strong opening with driving acoustic guitar and a briskly afrobeat who puts good speed on this pep song that works fine as the first real song on the disc.

Runaway (free as a byrd) – FOUR LIGHTHOUSES
were of course having already ep released in the spring. Now in slightly different version at the same time manages to be both softer and clearer. The title is of course a nod to the sound – yes, that sounds Byrds Simon Ljungberg’s guitar.

Open throughout the night – FOUR LIGHTHOUSES
Stylish metropolitan intro that sounds like neon and skyscrapers. Since gorgeous piano and a guitar that crackles like a bouncing, sizzling electric cable. It meets Manhattan Majorna when Hakan sings with muted power of Lena and Jan Lööf.

I without you – FOUR LIGHTHOUSES
Typical Hakan ballad of well-known model, think Valborg , where he declares his love to his beloved parables that can look flat on paper but that is oh so fine when they are sung. More strings and soft, soft drums. Prospective sing while.

syskonlåt to Your time will come. Well produced, to say the least, with a very neat and long intro. A song that grows and grows with a poignant outcast song of consolation text about how all set off once again will shine as hard, beautiful gemstones. Will be a steamroller live.

You old (that’s alright since my soul got a seat up in the kingdom) – THREE LIGHTS
Laura Rivers sampling and more strings. A fun and nice idea that does not hold true all the way.

Your time will- FOUR LIGHTHOUSES
Already a hit and live favorite that nobody could have escaped. Defending more than his place on the album.

Elephant & amp; sparrow – FIVE LIGHTS
disc darkest song. A ba-pa-pa-pa-run that just has to be a homage to Brother Daniel and Henrik Berggren. On the surface, a trifle, but it raises for each listening and burrows deeper and deeper into the heart. It shows Håkan Hellström he developed a lot as a lyricist. Very, very good.

Hope it will go well for the younger ones too – THREE LIGHTS
Exciting experiments where documentary votes of Gothenburg harbor mixed with club country music as it sounded when Hakan ran on Store at night. But probably a song I skip after a while.

No worries, Tjabo – FOUR LIGHTHOUSES
acoustic ballad with guitar and strings again. Fine text and nice to hear mo end Hakan’s voice straight up and down.

You are free – THREE LIGHTS
So close to lounge music as Hakan come. Had I been able to do without.


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