Monday, August 22, 2016

The musician Toots Thielemans has died – Expressen

Toots Thielemans has died, writes Volkskrant.

He was, among other things, known for having written the music for “Dunderklumpen”.

The jazz musician was 94 years old.

the Belgian jazz musician Toots Thielemans was among others known to have done the music for the Swedish film “Dunderklumpen” which came out in 1974 and is based on a picture book for children, written by Beppe Wolgers. In the film borrowed Toots Thielemans also his voice to a character, Pellegnillot.

He played during his career with many famous jazz musicians, including Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Ella Fitzgerald and Monica Zetterlund.

Toots Thielemans played both the guitar, and harmonica.

Volkskrant writes that the jazz musician passed away in hospital on Monday. It should not have happened any complications.

Toots Thielemans has a long career behind him, three years old, he began playing the accordion. In the 30′s he started to play the harmonica, and in 1950 he made his international breakthrough after before then have been on a European tour with Benny Goodman.

1952 he moved to the United States. Jazz musician was born and raised in Brussels.

Two years ago he finished his musical career, but the latest album released in 2001: “Toots Thielemans & amp; Kenny Wener”.

Now mourned the world renowned jazz musician on social media.

“Rest in peace Toots Thielemans, thanks for your beautiful emotional melodies,” writes artist Ilse de Lange on Twitter.

“Thank you dear Toots Thielemans for a beautiful life and music, rest in peace, you will never be forgotten, “wrote a fan.

” rest in peace Toots Thielemans. Thank you for your beautiful music! There will never come a new Toots “writes yet a fan.

Toots Thielemans was 94 years old.

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