Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Brawl in the Idol jury: “You say that with a mischievous smile” – Aftonbladet

The new “Idol” -juryn end up in trouble already in the second section.

Niki Amini think the other “fegar out.” But Fredrik Kempe think she is too harsh in his criticism.

– it’s not that you say anything other than what we say, you say it’s just a mischievous smile, he says in the program.

Niki Amini , Fredrik Kempe and Quincy Jones III have different opinions about how they should express criticism. it will arrive in tonight’s episode of TV4′s “Idol”.

Fredrik Kempe use expressions like “it felt its own” and “it was a little below average” when he voted no. Niki Amini is more bluntly.

– There is no artist in you, she says to a student.

“you fegar out”

Fredrik Kempe tells the program to he chooses his words carefully.

– I have worked very hands-on with the artists, and I know how sensitive they are. So I try to be a little cautious when I give my review, he said.

But Niki Amini think that Frederick and Quincy are too wimpy.

Why do you say “little” and “a little below average” and “this was well okay”? They come here to get an appraisal and you fegar out, she says in the program.

“My strength is that I’m straight”

Fredrik Kempe believes that they say that it is – but in a polite way. And that only “gloating” in the applicant’s situation by being too harsh.

– It’s not that you say anything other than what we say, you say it’s just a mischievous smile, says Kempe Amini in the program.

Niki Amini disagree.

– My strength is that I am straight and honest and I’m certainly not conflict fear which I think is a big advantage in this industry that I work in, she says.

“They can be a little quarrel”

Quincy Jones III chooses not to venture into as much of the fight.

– Frederick, he is very kind, and Nikki can only “no, this is not working” and Fredrik just “no, no, no, you must not talk like that with artists.” So they can be a bit loggerheads over sometimes, he says in the program.

“Idol 2016″ broadcast tonight on TV4 timer 20.


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