Sunday, August 14, 2016

Review: Veronica Maggio at the Stadium – Aftonbladet

We are the world

Not the most colorful kick off. Rather moderate glittering guitar.

They said:

What have we here? A prospective sing favorite? Sure, why not. Fist in the air.

Is there a there are several

Maggio right up and down. Neither more nor less.

Va left

Which chorus! Even Kaknästornet be feeling.


Honestly twenty years back in time.


“Major! Better! “Sings Maggio and Sure it’s okay.

We’ll always have Paris

Mark Krunegård visits and who cares about their votes have marriage piece or not? Stormy romances has his charms.

My heart bleeds

Now we’re talking!

Please be my

Arena Ballad The talk continues! And ouch what was that? Must have been the heart that broke a little.


Call vodka car! All are invited to Maggios home party.

Old song

Soul Strings Disco as fluffy as clouds above the stadium.

Monday’s Child

Hurry up and lock the door so that the glitzy popsoulen never get to go home.

Pretend it rains

Aj . Now it was the heart again.

The galaxy

Lights up just when darkness falls. As a comet or a meteor? Starburst? Oh, do not have time to think more about space now. Do not miss a second of it.

Who lights the stars

Maggio puts teeth into Eva Dahlgren’s signature song before Eva makes his entrance. Goosebumps Meet arm.

No clothes

Eve stays. The evening undressing in at just the body. Two blonde hearts in deep agreement.


Thermos now! Had Veronica Maggio had any galoshes had fluttered in them.

Trädgårn a Friday

This stagecoach can no longer stop. Jihoo now we go.

17 years

The organ offers up teens on the bug. It swings.

Havana Mom

It’s no crime to offer a few minutes break rocking.

Dump Me

But no! Why deal with this vintage-Maggio gem so rugged?

Black Summer

Arena carpet is rolled out, now brassas it.


It is as if himself Coldplay loaded confetti syringe. The plate in the carpet directly.

Play, and then repeat

Even gas produced. No brake.

Made of stone

Petter Winnberg as a duet partner and a stone has never sounded so soft.

Satan in the street

Supersizemål of emotions and the strings that fires the resentful sake anthem. Veronica Maggio never forget what you’ve done.

Sergel Square

The capital ocharmigaste place has never sounded so gorgeous. Last one in the fountain is a wimp.

Storm until we die

Maggio offers up to tryckarlördag. Everybody gets to dance.


lost forever

Hakan! Yep, the Håkan. Hellstrom and Maggio meet in a duet and find the home.

The entire house

Hellström and Maggio sings on. It’s almost too good now. Continue please.


Maggio down the parent heart wide open. The evening’s most stripped minutes.


Okay !!!!

The first one is always free

Surely the finish had to be more of a euphoric explosion arena.


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