Wednesday, August 24, 2016

TV4 shut down commentator field after attacks against Nikki Amini – Aftonbladet

Jury member Nikki Aminis statement in the start of the season of Idol was too much for some viewers.

After a series of attacks and offensive comments, TV4 has now decided to close down some of his commentator field.

– I have taken that there are opinions that I take too much space but I honestly do not understand how people have time to sit and comment, says Nikki Amini told Aftonbladet.

After this year’s Idol kicked off on Monday, the comments of the participants and the new jurors not been long. However, some estimates have been harder than others and it is not only the applicants who have received harsh words. While the juror Nikki Amini, criticism has been fierce. So hard that TV4 is now forced to close down commentator fields on several of its platforms.

– Our digital team felt that there were so many offensive personal attacks that violate the policy we have in our social media that chose to turn off the comment fields on some clips instead of moderating them, says the press information officer Anders Edholm.

Even Clara Tengbom, executive producer, regretted the incident.

– It’s really sad when people can not manage on such a platform. We knew that the new jury would attract much attention but we do not tolerate violations and attacks. Our policy is to run a forum that is respectful and where to keep a good tone.

Nikki Amini himself says to Aftonbladet that she has not read any of the comments, but was contacted by TV4 on Wednesday.

– I do not have time to sit and read the comment box. In general, my attitude is that if it is not an opinion I personally have asked if there is no opinion I care about.

But how do you see the incident?

– I have taken that there are opinions that I take too much space but I honestly do not understand how people have time to sit and comment. It is no news that it is galling when a new person takes place and dare to say what you think and not apologizing. Then I’m with the girl. I hope it does not depend on it but I have noticed that it protrudes a little extra.

That she received criticism will not change her role in the jury.

– As a person I’m straight and clear and has no problems with it. People might expect that it will be softer as a woman but I’m here to do a job, and in our role as jury it is important not to be unclear. We can not encourage something that is actually not there.

You have said that your colleagues are too cowardly – it means that you take on a tougher role?

– We are all different and choose to communicate in different ways. I think you should give feedback to a person who has taken the step to seek to Idol, then you have the hope to become a pop star. But there is a difference between being the best in a group of friends and to be with the program. If we may say will be wrong.

– Either there is something to work with or it does not. I do not think I’m tougher than them, but I’m just honest and want the best out of idols.

How do you see that you can be perceived as hard?

– If one really listens to what I say I am not cruel, but just very clear about the information I want to give and I want to go forward. I’ve got this assignment for a reason and that is because I can and know what I’m talking about.

Will this change your way of being?

– No, I really enjoy myself and have come a long way with me so I run on. People must accept that there are personalities where people dare to stand up for themselves and say what you think and feel and it must be respected.

Do you have something you want to say to those who write?

– I think they’ll continue to watch the program and think it’s great that they check.


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