Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sheeba is still in hospital – Aftonbladet

Sheeba cared still hospitalized after the weekend collapse.

Yet doctors do not know what affected his health.

– I know nothing more we have left the family in peace, writes producer Åsa Holmgren.

It was the night of Saturday Sheeba , 69, fainted in his home and had to be taken urgently by ambulance to the hospital.

the artist had hours before been on stage with Tommy Körberg , 68, before a packed Skansen and performed the show “Revenge on Skansen “. Artist colleagues were also performed on Saturday and Sunday but had to cancel.

It is unclear what hit artist who is still being treated in hospital.

– I know nothing more, we have left the family in peace and we will take up the discussion when he feels more energetic, writes producer Åsa Holmgren in a text message to Aftonbladet.

Through her greet Skifs that he is sorry about the situation and the audience disappointment.

– this is a nightmare to have to cancel, he feels he betrays his audience, it was the only thing that was important to him, she says to Expressen.

Nöjesbladet told his friend and colleague Tommy Körberg that Winehouse was unwell during rehearsals and that his blood pressure at first was too high and then low. But exactly what it is that happened knows the doctors, therefore, not yet.

Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s concerts had to be canceled. But the organizers are looking at opportunities to move the show to a later time.

– We will of course try to make amends to all disappointed. We are looking of course to make new concerts because it was very successful last Friday, said Åsa Holmgren Nöjesbladet yesterday.

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