Sunday, August 21, 2016

Man stabbed at Lindängen Plan – died – Aftonbladet

A man in his 50s was stabbed in an apartment block at Lindängen Plan in Malmo on Sunday evening and died later in hospital.

A woman in her 40s has been arrested on suspicion of murder, alternatively murder.

It was just after 20 o’clock on Sunday evening that the police received an alarm that a stabbed man had been found in a block of flats on Lind Bed Plan in Malmo.

The man should have knifed indoors but not in an apartment. He was taken by ambulance to hospital where he later died police said on its website.

In connection with the incident was a woman in for questioning.

– A person is taken in for questioning, but he is not a suspect, but it is the purpose of disclosure, said Calle Person in police regionsledingscentral earlier during the evening.

Later, the police announced that the woman taken in for questioning had been arrested on suspicion of murder, alternatively murder.

At midnight the woman had not been heard when she was heavily drunk.

– She must sober up first before we can do that, says Tomas Napiórkowski, internal command at the police.

According to him, the man and the woman have had any type of relationship.

– We know that they have known each other but more than that do not know of yet.

Work is underway on the site right now by knocking on doors and technical examination. Police have also seized the man’s clothes knivskurne pending investigation.


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