Thursday, August 25, 2016

Kristian Lundberg to take back his biography – Sveriges Radio

Kristian Lundberg got her big break in 2009 with the autobiographical novel “Yarden”, if a reverse class trip depicting how he grew up with a mentally ill mother and an absent father in the working-Malmo written up to the middle class, for being late fall back.

When print jobs disappeared remained only manual labor, the Yarden in the port of Malmö, where he moves and washes cars no matter how cold the wind.

in the new book “Days among the shadows , trees and water “returns themes of class, vulnerability and literary force, and as usual the Lundberg plays hometown Malmö a central role.

Mona Masri sued the meeting with the author earlier this week, but just over an hour before meeting, something unexpected happened. Kristian Lundberg’s dog bit him and required surgery.

We are sitting outside Hand Surgery at Malmö’s hospital area, in anticipation of Kristian Lund’s medical journal, where they hopefully can sew it back avbitna fingertip. The finger is the substantial helix and the pants appear fresh bloodstains.

The new book “Among the shadows, trees and water” is a bit difficult to summarize; it has no beginning, middle or end of a classic linear narrative. Instead, it is a kaleidoscopic portrayal of living with bipolar disorder, a child’s vulnerability, to be loved and to love, and if it’s autobiographical writing.

One day, Kristian Lundberg, a letter sent to him. It was from a woman who had read that he wrote that there is only one photograph of him as a child, but the envelope was eight photographs of Kristian Lundberg children, photographs that he did not know existed.

– I wanted both portray this fact somehow lifted my biography in the letter. And so I had somehow come to the emotional insight that the biographical truth is much more diverse, says Kristian Lundberg.

The writer was a nurse who took care of Kristian Lundberg as a small child, when he was admitted in hospital.

Had Kristian Lundberg been hospitalized as a child? And why he’s sitting all alone in a cold hospital floor?

How to write autobiographical, and what happens when you realize that you have been stuck in an interpretation of how one’s life been like?

These are questions that occupy Kristian Lundberg in the new book.

A central figure in the book is Lazarus from the Gospel of John.

– It’s a man who is physically dead and he added in a cave, and when a person calls out his name into the cave Lazarus goes out of the cave. and I thought of it that there is such a value in getting to be named and to obtain redress in his biography, to be presenting his testimony, says Kristian Lundberg.

The medical visit showed that his fingers were avbitna through the bones, and required surgery.


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