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New Times may not exhibit at the Book Fair – Göteborgs-Posten

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Fun Since it became known that New times exhibiting at this year’s Book Fair asked several exhibitors in their participation. The Book Fair will now take back its decision to allow the right-wing magazine exhibiting at the fair.
 - After strong reactions, we have made a new assessment and decided not to lease space for the newspaper, says the Book & amp; Library CEO Mary Källsson.

Now Book Fair announces that Alternamedia AB, the publisher behind the magazine New Times is not allowed to exhibit at the fair.
– It has been difficult days, difficult discussions and difficult decisions, but we have reconsidered our decision and come to the conclusion that we must listen to our visitors, authors and partners who have had strong reactions, says Maria Källsson, president of Book & amp; Library.

She says that many have heard of the trade fair and questioned their judgment to let New Times exhibiting at the fair. A decision that they therefore now take that back, leaving the newspaper stand empty at the fair.
– Those who have been in is concerned about what the New Times will perform at the show and not recognized in the fair way to act. We made an assessment when we let the exhibit, but we make another today.

What made you go back to the question?
– Sometimes it is important to go your gut feeling and dare to listen to those who are most important to us, our visitors and writers. Then we have chosen to listen to them.

Maria Källsson also points out that it has been a particularly difficult assessment, then this year’s fair has just freedom of expression as a theme.

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the New times newspaper, which criticized both his journalism and links to right-wing movements, were allowed to exhibit at the fair was questioned by several operators at the fair. During Friday announced the newspaper Djungeltrumman that they have chosen to discontinue its cooperation with the fair.
– We are not a great magazine, but we want to say no to xenophobia where we can and want to emphasize that we do not think it’s okay that New Times has at the fair, says Maria Kopp, the magazine’s editor in chief.

Djungeltrumman announce later on Friday that they have taken some of the information about the Book fair reconsidered its decision. They have not yet taken a position on cooperation with the Fair can be restored.

– We have not had time to talk to us together yet, but we get to that discussion. But it is not inconceivable, says Maria Kopp.

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After the announcement that the magazine must not exhibit summarizes new Tider’s chief editor Vávra Suk disappointed by the news.
It is the Swedish freedom of speech in a nutshell. It proves how important alternative media are today, as the public opinion hallway just getting slimmer by the day.


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