Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Literary history of lesbian love – Västerbotten Courier

In Sweden homosexual acts prohibited until 1944. But in the early 1900s until 1935 did both writers and artists portray lesbian love in a new and more transparent way, says Eva Borgström, associate professor of comparative literature at the University of Gothenburg.

in his new book “stories of the forbidden – Request for women in Swedish literature 1900-1935″, she shows how the writers went to weigh. Around 1930 wrote including Karin Boye, Margareta Suber and Gertrude Almqvist openly about women’s love. But with the war prelude came a backlash, and a retreat for the traditional family ideals that lasted for 50 years, says Borgström.

Her book, will be available digitally without charge. Borgström has previously written “Love Story. Request for women in the 1800s literature “.


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