Friday, August 26, 2016

Find Doris – paler than Finding Nemo – Sveriges Radio

Finding Nemo was an exciting story, Nemo was captured by a scuba diver and ended up in an aquarium of a dentist in Sydney. His father, Marvin, loved her son and went out on the Pacific to find him. He met sharks and other dangers on the road, and so the fish without short-term memory, Doris. A sidekick attracted to laughter, you could say, which made it dangerous adventure, a little fun, too.

Now, she gets her own show and adventure has become a rather sloppy hopkommen history.

it starts with Doris small, then it will be a jump in time, and a jump to … and so we arrive at the present moment where she suddenly remembers that she lost her parents …

Find Doris is in the amount of sequels to the movies, they usually give a good price for the studios, many times more than the first film. But just as often lacks judgment that story that made it once was a success.

Find Doris is a rather pale sequel to Finding Nemo, what saves the film’s underwater scenes that do well in 3D, so a tantalizing lastbilstur at the end … where pitching in biofåtöljen.


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