Friday, August 19, 2016

The Book Fair will stop New Times – Västerbotten Courier

Culture Telegram New Times will not be exhibiting at this year’s book fair in Gothenburg . The strong reactions and the majority of dropouts have received the Book & amp; Library to change.

In a press release says Maria Källsson, Book & amp; Fair managing director, to Alterna Media / New Times will not have a booth at the book fair:

“We have listened to visitors, authors and partners strong reactions. We need to take this seriously and take a step back and ask ourselves whether we made the right decision. “

Criticism and boycotts

Book & amp; The library’s original decision to grant a booth to the right-wing magazine New Times was criticized and had several players to boycott this year’s book fair in Gothenburg.

“This is sick and I can not set up in a context that allows times are different. I have because of that chose to boycott the fair this year, “wrote cartoonist Lina Neidestam on Instagram.

At the book fair would Neidestam have presented a new book about the cartoon character Zelda.

Even newspaper Djungeltrumman boycotting this year’s fair as a result of the decision to allow New times attend the fair. Djungeltrumman abolishes now its annual Book Fair-pre-party, its place on the exhibition floor and coverage of the fair, reported Göteborgs-Posten.

– to allow New Times exhibit is far from what we want work for and what we stand for and we want the book fair to think of about the decision, says Maria Kopp, publisher of Djungeltrumman, the GC.

Theme speech

the New times has under anti-racist foundation Expo strong ties to Nazi Nordic Council of resistance. This year’s fair theme is freedom of speech and the Book & amp; Library CEO Mary Källson has previously said the Swedish Bookstore to the fair “policy generally is that everyone needs to make its voice heard regardless of opinion. It is the very essence of freedom of expression “.

The Book Fair will take place September 22 to 25.


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