Sunday, August 21, 2016

Silvana Imam is the best – she is the best – Expressen

Silvana Imam is best. She’s the best. So best.

The artist repeats the words so many times that they become like a spell, a spell, a protective armor against all the projectiles that ever met her.

They said she would not get anything, and perhaps because she was something. It is really a typical revenge story, with elements of the self-fixation that I think only affects the one who had to defend themselves too many times.

Well, I know how it feels to be outside as children, constantly pushed down when you want to get up, and on top of that being betrayed by the teachers. I know how it creates a small stitch of pain that never completely fades away. That drives or limits. But as in Silvana Imam’s case seems to have lit a special glow that warms far beyond words.

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When she tells bounce never realization against eardrum. The whizzing further inward, nesting in one, and in the stomach area, I feel the anger that Silvana’s cousin was forced to flee across the Mediterranean with an inflatable boat and only six glasses of water. The artist himself was receiving the vilest hotmejlen after the concert in Kärrtorp 2013, and the total darkness that spread out over us in the nightclub shooting in Orlando in June.

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You hear that Silvana Imam believes every word she says, and she gives them life by weaving it all into rhythm, music and spontaneity that makes summer talk feels like anything but innantilläst.

Just because she does not need to be balanced. I am so sick and tired of balanced. And she does not have to apologize that she dares to take up space. She just needs to be, and by the way they just be, get everything around it come to life.


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