Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Meltzer and Magnusson reunited in new Femman series – Aftonbladet

caricature of the Swedish summer – in the archipelago.

Channel 5′s new TV series bet is a comedy in which Peter Magnusson and Christine Meltzer also reunited.

– recognition Comedy is the best description, says Peter Magnusson Nöjesbladet.

Aftonbladet can reveal that Peter Magnusson is behind a new TV series on Channel 5, which takes place in archipelago. He plays against Jonas Karlsson , Anki Lidén , Krister Henriksson , Rachel Wärmländer and reunited with Christine Meltzer .

– It’s a comedy about ordinary people in the archipelago in summer. A holiday comedy might say. Self, I play a guy who lives with his wife and in-laws in the same house. It causes some worry that one can identify with, says Magnusson. READ ALSO Thrown out – after dirty drawing

sister- in-law played by Christine Meltzer who also lives next door, in a house with beachfront property.

– she is a figure who has been able to earn much money. Now she has divorced and met a new guy, she says.

“Screwed sometimes”

Magnusson has written the script, which is based on a Norwegian model entitled “Neste sommer” and he leads the work as “showrunner”.

– this is a comedy, definitely, and recognition comedy is the best description. It should feel like the real thing and should not be too weird. Although it is a little screwed sometimes says Magnusson.

The series takes place only in this archipelago.

– I grew up in the archipelago. It is an environment that I have been very much in, so it suits me fine script-wise. This is a caricature of the Swedish summer with these gigantic expectations that did not quite materialize in the way that had been hoped, says Magnusson.

– The archipelago has been a popular area to add comedies and stories. But it requires more than that. The difference with something like “sunny side ‘is that this case of ordinary people,” svenne bananas “continues Magnusson.

An iron bunch

The TV series, which do not yet have a title , the ten sections. The currently playing in the archipelago outside Stockholm.

– I’m so happy for the cast. There are a bunch of iron. Anki Lidén is one of the funniest women I know in Sweden. Krister Henriksson is a person that I’ve been afraid of the years since he has tremendous poise and strong charisma. It is fitting that he plays my father in law, says Magnusson.

He explains that it is a pleasant reunion with Christine Meltzer.

– We have worked a lot together, but it was pretty been a while, he said.

– Although I hang a lot with Peter else when we do not play in as it was a long time since we did anything together. It’s great that we’ve gotten together, says Meltzer.

The series will premiere in 2017. Production is Bob movie.


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