Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wrestling – more than just entertainment violence – Sydsvenskan

Is wrestling just meaningless fake wrestling? Or could it be performance art that borders on a religious experience? We have followed a group of wrestlers in Malmö and tried to find a deeper meaning in the entertainment violence.

the wrestlers parked on the car deck and took the elevator up to the cafe on the eighth. They ordered coffee and a jar of jelly babies, sat down at one of the tables and ignored the zinc gray sea outside the window.

They had made this trip several times before: one and a half hour drive from Halmstad to Gothenburg, three hour ferry to Frederikshavn on Jutland’s north-eastern tip and then another one and a half hour drive to Randers, where the wrestling show “Inzane Azylum” started at 20th

the smallest of the four named Leeloo Demorhne. With 37 years he was the oldest in the group, but behind the big beard, he looked at least ten years younger. Fabian Puregger was Leeloos opposite: tall and muscular, with a clean-shaven face and serious eyes, while Asgeir Halvorsen Raumli, Norwegian, could have been Fabian’s little brother.

Mattias Dahl and Joel Wäring during a wrestling show at Tango Palace. Photo: Emma Larsson

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