Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Petter Larsson Eva Dahlgren song that ripped out of context – Aftonbladet

SD leader Jimmie Åkesson’s band Adorable baby has recorded a cover of Eva Dahlgren superhit Young and proud , a song they performed at the party meeting at the weekend.

Yes, say the song that can not be pulled out of context and distorted into its opposite. Self, I think of how many times the Springsteen’s US critical Born in the USA misused in patriotic context.

Dahlgren can not to do about it, but the promise of Instagram that “hopefully get revenue that this version will accrue to me as copyright woman will I donate to those who work for a multicultural Sweden.”

is hard not to see låtlånet as icing on the cake for SD’s abortive festival, where the band on the band dropped out when it became clear to them that they would participate in a Sweden democratic propaganda stunt.

Do not play at the party , you get to play yourself.

And you have no own music, you get to steal someone else’s.


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