Monday, August 22, 2016

- It is the first time we fronts pure evil, says Sofia Wistam. – Aftonbladet

Lotta lost two of their three children in a house fire in Dalaro 2013, and it would later turn out that it was the father to the children who had lit on.

Now she helped to start again in the season premiere of “Sofia’s angels”.

– This is the first time that we fronts pure evil, says Sofia Wistam.

one morning in September 2013 woke Lotta of two police officers standing at her door.

She reached when the terrible news that her two sons had been killed in a fire at their father on Dalaro.

It would appear that the father had been boarded up back in the house from the outside and then switched on. His sons were burning inside, but the couple’s daughter managed to escape the flames and survived.

– I had received a text message that said “revenge is sweet you fucking idiot” at a quarter to three in the morning, says Lotta program .

the father was sentenced to life imprisonment and to move on in life chose Lotta move back to the old home Kramfors close to the parents.

But the power to make to order it new home was not, and in the season premiere of “Sofia’s angels” may she help to get started again.

– this is the worst case we’ve ever had. It is the first time we fronts pure evil, says Sofia Wistam.

The father would help – got cancer

The move to Kramfors was not quite as Lotta intended.

Her father, who worked as a carpenter, would help with the renovation but suffered from cancer and had thus not force enough to help.

the program therefore helps the trio Sofia Wistam, Mattias Särnholm and Johnnie Krigström by renovating the kitchen by making your home brighter and more enjoyable.

– One might think that we are on paper helps with superficial things, but sometimes a functioning home may be just what you need to continue in their grief work, says Sofia Wistam.

the renovation will be a big challenge for the hosts. Not that the house itself creates a greater challenge than normal, but to events affecting Lotta is of such a nature that they do not know how to relate to everything. On several occasions, breaking the hosts together.

– You just want to love bombing her and show that there are indeed other than evil in the world, says Johnnie Kriström in the program, before the voice folds and forced to leave the set.

“Do people treat me as usual”

Lotta, who himself chose to apply to the program, says that several friends have shunned after the event in 2013.

– Some dissociated and can not do it all, and I can understand it. I do not know how I would react if it happened to someone I knew, she says in the program, and adds:

– I want people to treat me as usual.

“Sofia angels” broadcast tonight at 20:00 on Channel 5th


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