Sunday, August 14, 2016

Justin Bieber’s harsh words against his fans – Expressen

Justin Bieber threatens their fans to make their Instagramprivat.

This after his new girl has got hatred from the fans.

“If you really are my fans, you would not be so unkind to people I love, “writes Justin Bieber on Instagram.

Justin Bieber, 22, is tired of his fans – again.

After publishing photos of his notorious new girlfriend Sofia Richie on Instagram, where his fans are not happy. Several fans sent the hat to Richie. Something that got Bieber sentiment to sour.

In one of the many black and white pictures that the artist was putting together with his girlfriend in a car, threatened Justin Bieber fans – to make his Instagram private if they do not become kinder .

“I will make my Instagram private if you do not stop with the hate, it’s gone too far. If you really are my fans, you would not be so unkind to people I love,” writes Justin Bieber on Instagram.

After only five hours had pictured videos liked 629,000 times and received over 126,000 comments.

Some fans defend their behavior:

“Do not you understand we hate people for a reason? we just take care of you darling, “writes one fan.

While others apologize for the nasty fans, and write that they love him regardless.

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Many fans, however, has grown tired of Justin Bieber’s harsh attitude towards his fanbase – when the artist during a longer period, taking more and more away from them.

“Do not be sorry for Justin, we just money. Boycott Justin” writes one fan to the image.

“are you threatening us for a girl you known for a week, while people have supported you every day since 2009? ” find another fan.

Justin Bieber has said that he does not want to take pictures with fans anymore because he feels like an animal in a cage. In addition, he set up his “Meet and Greet” -tillfällen that fans had paid over 15 000 for – and they could not get their money back without losing their concert ticket.

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