Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Question Lund goes away in tokroligt flame – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Kristian Luuk. Photo: Janne Danielsson / SVT

“It is breathtaking experiments, oceans of interesting facts – and tonight I get drunk on the ocean floor! “no, it is not the MTV show Jackass, it is Question Lund: program in 1962 that for decades people formed Sweden and is now being revived.

the suits professors from the 1960s, black and white programs are away 2016. Instead, the oops hejsan with Kristian! – Yes, the program manager’s first name is written in block capitals all over the studio wall in the entrance music. It is skojsigt intimate! Or not.

“Di taught” the researchers called the Old Question Lund. But the lessons are so 1962. The attitude now is anything but intellectual. Battle Cry is unconcerned “There are no stupid questions!”

The scholars have 2016 upgraded to university X-men, a superhero bunch of different academic abilities. Like a circus director shouts Kristian Luuk them up on the podium: “history books häxmääästare” and “evolution own kriminalkommissaaaarie”. What happened with academic titles? No, lecturer or professor or vahettere, now we’ll surely have fun!

Question Lund wary simply very carefully to be difficult or to plumb the depths. Question Lund 2016 is the program that “switches grasp of science and then simply hug and cuddle and have a good time in an hour.” Question Lund is the program where the question “How do you know?” Replied “For I have read in a book,” met with a roar of laughter.

The format reduces science to the program manager’s hilarious question to an expert which becomes quite pressured to deliver a yes or no answer. Long gone is the researcher who a giant tank, the analytically reflective philosopher in seminar discussion sharpness. Gunnar Wetterberg, social scientists and historians, is also the sole representative in the panel for the historical-philosophical subjects, where such a tradition is strong.

For the fact is that scientists rarely talk to each other. Only with the TV host. And perhaps this is the main problem: the scientific conversation never arises. The program does not dare to trust that the audience for more than a few minutes per question. There is no time for prövandet, dryftandet and exchange the knowledge-building dialogue. In Question Lund is science rather than everyday zany special effects, the researchers a “magic panel, which must IQ level in the room to soar like a Scud missiiiil!”

Certainly there watching issues, but great energy added the program manager’s own rush of pee, reproduction, sweat and filling. Scientists are struggling to find scientific aspects of these substances with high flamsighetsnivå. Or with a certain lack of theoretical rigor, I think a scientist would have called it. But to express it in terms Lund – no it is understood fetbort, as Kristian Luuk would have said.


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