Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The family did not want to be with. – Aftonbladet

The family did not want to be with.

The millionaire Leif-Ivan Karlsson, 56, had to persuade them to set up in TV3′s new reality series.

– I do not think any of us wanted to do it, says her daughter Angelica.

Leif-Ivan, 56, and his wife Susanne, 51, and children Tony, 35, Angelica, 27, and Pierre; 26.

All visible in TV3′s new reality series “Karlsson” which follows the car dealer and the refugee camp millionaire Leif-Ivan Karlsson.

However, first refused the family to be with.

When Nöjesbladet hit them, they seem almost surprised that they still stood. Persuaded by the head of the family who is also mästerdomptören Leif-Ivan himself.

All voted against – besides Leif-Ivan

– Some of us were well maybe more beneficial than others, says his son Tony and daughter Angelica quickly fills in:

– So dad. We others, I do not think any of us wanted to do it. We were against it.

Even Leif-Ivan’s wife Susanne Karlsson, voted against the family to participate in a reality show.

– I liked the first, no, I have been receiving the. You know, I hate to hear my own voice, to hear it on TV is terrible. And so I do not forward he (Leif-Ivan). He takes care of it, he is talking.

“He is the one who wants to be seen”

And the talk seems to Leif-Ivan have been so good that the family finally gave in.

– We said no, that is where you will do yourself, but it was still like this, says Angelica Karlsson.

– well we wanted to have a little more time to think. But that was as with everything else in our lives, full turbogas says Tony Karlsson and laughs.

Why were more reluctant than daddy?

– he’s the one who wants to be more visible, the rest of us are a little more laid back and do not want to be in the center, says Angelica Karlsson.

According to Leif-Ivan Karlsson, he has received questions from production since long before he set Channel 5 series’ Swedish millionaires “in 2011. in the end, the fight against the Jante law that caused him to force the family to set up.

– I thought, damn, it’s a shame about these fucking really jantarna . Those who are jealous, they want not I have as a client, or to do with anyway. So I can well stick your neck out and infuriate them so they may feel a little bad. Little as it actually was, he says with a laugh.


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