Saturday, August 13, 2016

Seinabo Sey lit up Slottsskogen – Gothenburg Post

Fun Two EP and an album in their career. That’s where she is, Seinabo Sey, and it’s really unlikely that she will not release more music.

Seinabo Sey may not have had an impact of just a few years ago? It can not be right. She has always been here. Always influenced us. As light and darkness, ebb and flow.

It’s all the same so it feels when she slips into Way Out West’s biggest stage, and from the first moment completely own it. Not only that, by the way, Queen Sey takes over the entire park. The trees, grass and stones. The seals. Castle Forest is her now. The rest of us just lumbering around here in the mud.

In front of a large fateful backdrop seemingly inspired by Hieronymus Bosch or perhaps Salvdor Dali opens Seinbo Sey Easy. With him on stage, she has a big band, string quartet Stockholm Strings, who has played with most of the First Aid Kit to Europe, and a choir with four girls (Seinabos sister Fatima, Rosmarie, Melinda, and Kendra) that Seinabo Sey give if not free so in any case, plenty of room to shine. Pistols at dawn is so heavy that you almost lose your breath and delicate piano ballad Poetic, with quite a different intro, preceded by a little story about how Seinabo Sey wrote that song as a declaration of love to a guy who in turn just shrugged.

I hope he regrets it now, puckot, a cooler, stronger and more expressive Swedish singer, I have never seen at the Way Out West.

After the four körtjejerna has been singing themselves for a while progressing Seinabo Sey returned to the stage edge and make a tearful beautiful cover of Clean Bandit brottarhit Rather pray and you realize that, yes, it’s like this it should sound. How it will burn.

Hard Times is as it sounds, hard and uncompromising, and in blue and orange cones closest marching song forward, like an echo of the protest rock towards amerkanska police’s violent racial profiling of colored men who just been shown on the big screen.

I still get the same Sorry band to take a step back while Seinabo Sey only compass of piano and strings. Stylish, unadorned and incredibly effective, just like the flowing red lights of Words, where the choir and even give themselves a little synchronized dance.

At the end of the concert show Seinabo Seys låtskrivarkompisar Salem al Fakir and Vincent Pontare up and helps to build up a closest sacral gospel atmosphere in Burial. So, so beautiful.

When Seinabo Seys perhaps the biggest hit and tonight’s absolute crowd favorite Younger slides over the concluding You want to really just that the concert started a little later in the evening – a lot of the effects were lost in the daylight – and that the damn rain could leave at any time.


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