Monday, August 29, 2016

Tommy Körberg concern Sheeba – Expressen

During Sunday was Sheeba still hospitalized.

What has befallen the artist is still a question mark – but he is struggling with blood pressure.

– A little worried, I am, says Tommy Körberg of his friend and colleague’s condition.

During the night of Saturday completed artist Sheeba, 69, rushed to the hospital. He had fainted after a concert at Solliden stage at Skansen.

Since then, the beloved artist remained at the hospital for observation and sampling.

His colleague Tommy Körberg, 68, spoke to Winehouse Sunday – when he was still in the hospital.

– he was feeling quite okay when I talked to him yesterday.

Although it is the actor and singer little worried about his colleague.

– A little worried, I am, ‘he says.

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Sunday knew the doctors still do not what is wrong with Winehouse, but according Körberg he has blood pressure problems.

– but I do know that there may be that the body is working against something. That he has something that they have not discovered yet because the blood pressure goes up and down. It is because the body is working with anything, says Tommy Körberg.

As it stands right now has not Sheeba few gigs or jobs in the near future, the time to recover there.

– He will not do anything in a month anyway, says Tommy Körberg.

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After Sheeba fainted and was hospitalized was the weekend’s remaining concerts of the “Revenge at Skansen” in. He was devastated to disappoint his fans.

– He was heartbroken. He believed to the last that he would be able to implement this, says Åsa Holmgren, producer of “Revenge at Skansen”.

Skifs himself greeted on Sunday that he had not received any answer yet.

– it is far too early to come up with something on what we should do about this, he said then.

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