Monday, August 15, 2016

He will become the new manager at Malmö Opera – Sveriges Radio

Danske Michael Bojesen new head of the Malmö Opera. Bojesen is a composer, conductor, choirmaster and today manage Copenhagen Opera Festival, a festival that has grown in a short time. When he will become head of the Malmö Opera he takes with his vision.

– In my entire life I have worked to classical music should be accessible to everyone, to all have the right to meet classical music and be a part of it. It is a parent’s vision here too.

You’re primarily an opera person, but in the theater’s mission includes also the musical and operetta – can you there?

– I think actually. I myself have conducted a lot of that kind of music and also has heart for it.

When you ask him to say the favorite composers he has, he mentions Puccini opera side and in terms of musical Andrew Lloyd Webber, especially Jesus Christ Superstar. But he also says he is looking forward to maybe play operetta theater. Malmö Opera’s mission reads the musical theater in its entire width.

Michael Bojesen has never led such a large organization before, but the parts he did not have the skills to think he could get help. His first task will be to recruit a new head dramaturge and a casting director. It is no more than a few months ago it became clear that even the Malmö City Theatre, a Danish director, Kitte Wagner. And Michael Bojesen will now become opera director think he could have consequences for cultural cooperation across the strait.

– I have never understood why we do not have a much stronger cooperation, and the use of that we have so many major cultural institutions on both sides of the strait. To build a much larger cooperation for the benefit of the audience and to attract cultural audience from other parts of the world.

He starts in the theater at the end of the year but will take over as CEO in the middle of next year after Bengt Hall, who served as director since 2009. Bengt Hall’s mandate has been extended twice. Among other things, the process of recruiting his successor has been a difficult journey. As recently as last winter, the Board took a break in the recruitment process after negotiations with any prospective successor fallen on the finish line.

Malmö Opera is owned to 90 percent by Region Skåne and 10 percent of Malmö. Opera is the cultural institution in Skåne receiving by far the most public support just under 230 million per year. It employs around 300 staff. In addition to playing on the domestic scene in Malmö is part of the mission also Operaverkstan, Malmo Opera’s children’s and youth activities as well as a tour-operations in Skåne.

Copenhagen Opera Festival’ve invested in opera in the cycle, is there anything you will import here?

– It can not be known, says Michael Bojesen.


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