Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sheeba completed acute hospital – Aftonbladet

The artist Sheeba has left rushed to the hospital.

This weekend’s concerts at Skansen together with Tommy Körberg has been set.

– Winehouse is the control and investigation, says producer Åsa Holmgren.

During the Friday evening showed off Sheeba , 69, and Tommy Körberg , 68, for the audience with his show “Revenge at Skansen” on Solliden stage at Skansen in Stockholm.
But when Winehouse came home after the concert, he fainted and had to be taken urgently by ambulance to the hospital.

the artist explored right now in the hospital and will not be able to implement this weekend’s concerts thus set.

– He is in for inspection and investigation in hospital. We do not know the current situation what it is. Seriously, it’s not, but so that he can not stand on a stage and conduct concerts. The doctor will not let him to stand and rock on stage, says Åsa Holmgren , a producer at Gota Lejon – which organizes the show.

Posted week

Even before Friday’s conduct was a shift in the hospital for two days. But felt alert enough to conduct yesterday’s gig.

– He went straight to Skansen, everything went well and he was pleased efterår. But then they had to call the ambulance again. He was under observation. They also do not know what it is, says Åsa Holmgren.

Meanwhile, Sheeba entertained a packed Skansen was a medical team ready behind the scene.

Are new date

the colleague Tommy Körberg noticed even before Friday’s play of Bjorn’s health.

– He was a little unwell even before the premiere. When blood pressure was too high, and then suddenly became too low. So they check why this is so. They do not yet know what it is because they do not want to risk anything. But he said it will be all right, he is in the good old wood from Dalarna, he said.

The organizers announced that they are looking at opportunities to move the concert to a later date and at a different location.

– We will of course try to make amends to all disappointed. Midler is also disappointed. We are looking of course to make new concerts because it was very successful yesterday, says Åsa Holmgren.

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